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Sempai! The Comic Strip!

The mostly true tales of the Sempai Gang! This is the project that consumed my life -- er, that is ... much of my time from October '99 to June '00. It was a blast, but it was exhausting.

Some day, I'll probably continue it.

Go see it!


Music Videos!!

I've done a few fan made anime music videos. A couple were original works I did alone. One is a remake I made with permission of a "beta" version of a really neat video done by a friend. Another was a group effort done by myself and three friends. I only have two online so far, but the others will be coming soon. I also have ideas for several others, so the selection should only continue to grow.

See them here.


Tonbo says, "Kakko-Ii!" to these anime websites:

Otaku World by Dov and Jennifer

How do you make a good anime website? Make it like this one.
The Utena Encyclopedia

An Otaku Speaks, Animecca interviews Marc Hairston

Maison-Otaku Net, some really cool online otaku with a terrific site design. ^_^

rec.arts.anime.creative Fanfic Archive
(You will need gzip in order to uncompress the files.)

Deep Space, Akane's page dedicated to Kiyone, from Tenchi Muyo. Tonbo says "Kakko-Ii" for her creative and thoughtful use of hyperlinks to avoid spoilers!


Project A-Kon Video Files

Tonbo is honored to be allowed to host the online version of the Phoenix Entertainment Video Staff's anime summaries.

Here they are.


The Best of Ranma 1/2 fanfiction Tonbo likeswrites fanfiction.

At the time this sentence was written, some eighty six anime fanfic writers had been inducted into the FFML's Author Encyclopedia.

Tonbo is most humbly proud to be one of them.

Here are Tonbo's Ranma 1/2 fanfics, one of which won an award for February and another for November, 1998!


Tonbo rants!

Americans' false impression of anime.

Tonbo asked a couple of his Super-Otaku friends their opinion of different video tapes for recording/collecting anime.

Here's what they said.

But it's not all just fun and games.

There are some very important lessons Tonbo has learned from anime ... really!

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