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3x3 Eyes [Horror]
Yakumo Fujii is your typical high school student. One day he runs (literally) into this cute girl named Pai. Pai, it turns out, is a member of a mythical race called the Sanjiyan, i.e. she's actually an immortal being with three eyes and immense power. When Yakumo is killed, the Sanjiyan resurrects him by making him her immortal zombie, and he joins Pai on her quest to become human.

3x3 Eyes II: Legend of the Divine Demon [Horror]
Years have passed. Yakumo finally comes to the end of his desperate search. Find out what happened to Pai after her fateful showdown with Benares, and journey with our hero to Tibet, the land of Pai's birth.


Arcadia Of My Youth [SF, Classic]
Classic movie that depicts the origin of Captain Harlock and his ship, Arcadia. Earth is conquered and occupied by an alien empire. A small group led by Harlock decide to resist. One of the major influences which helped make anime what it is today!
[Quote To Watch For: "At the end of their journey, all men think their youth was Arcadia."]


Bakuretsu Hunter (a.k.a. Sorcerer Hunters) [Fantasy, Comedy]
Our heroic gang of good guys are given missions to combat the evil sorcerers dominating the country by a mysterious, rarely seen leader who has larger plans for them which she has not told them about ...
[Note: Producer Mitsuhisa Ishikawa]

Bastard! [Fantasy, Comedy]
To avoid being conquered, the rulers of Mettalicana have only one choice: to release Dark Schneider, the most powerful and amoral wizard ever, from his confinement. A very funny and exciting show that demonstrates what can happen when a group of animators stay up way too late and drink way too much bad sake, while listening to American heavy metal music and playing role-playing games.
[Quotes To Watch For: "Didn't I always tell you that Mr. Handsome is immortal?" and, "We can't die offscreen ... we're main characters!"]

Blackjack [Medical Suspense]
The intriguing story of a renegade medical genius, and some of the bizarre medical situations he encounters. Dark and intelligent.

Blazing Transfer Student [Comedy, Martial Arts]
Student transfers to a high school where the smallest disagreement is handled by combat.


Capricorn [SF, Adventure]
A creation of Johji Manabe, of Outlanders fame, our luckless hero is transported to Earth's twin in an alternate dimension, where he must save both planets from the evil Zolba. The twin world is ruled by animals, and among his assorted assistance is the last Yappie ...

City Hunter [Action, Comedy]
If you're in need of a job being done, then just post a message saying "XYZ" on the bulletin board at Shinjuku Station. Your message will be received by City Hunter - Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makumura. When doing his job, Ryo is calm, cool, and collected, and an uncanny shot with his .357 Magnum. Off the job, he is the biggest pervert on the face of the planet, who likes to peek in on his clients (he only works for good-looking women) in the most compromising places. His partner Kaori runs City Hunter's business, and is probably the only person who Ryo hasn't made a pass at, but she is also the only one who keeps Ryo's little habit in check.

Crusher Joe Movie [SF]
Joe and his team of Crushers have been hired to take a sick heiress to get treatment. But after she disappears during warp they must go after a band of pirates to find out what's going on. This classic SF anime contains the first appearance of the Dirty Pair and is highly recommended.


Debutante Detective Corps (a.k.a. Ojosama Sosama) [Comedy, Mystery]
The story of five girls in the 8th grade with a "combined personal wealth equal to the Gross National Product of Japan" who have been targeted by "three hardened criminals," and who decide a "Detective Club" might just be in order ...

Devil Hunter Yohko 3 [Comedy, Horror]
The continuing adventures of 16 year old Yohko, the 108th Devil Hunter in her family's long history of Devil Hunters.

Dirty Pair [Comedy, SF, Action]
In the distant future, if you are in trouble, and can afford it, you can call upon the World Welfare Work Association (WWWA). The 3WA will send out a team of highly trained agents called Trouble Consultants to solve your problem. Of course, you just might get the "Dirty Pair" - er, I mean, the "Lovely Angels." These two will solve your problem, but I hope you can cover the repairs (of your house, building, business, city, planet, whatever), because where these two travel, chaos follows! The classic "Girls with Big Guns" show, and very good stuff!

DragonBall Z [Comedy, Martial Arts, Fantasy/SF]
There is a legend that when the seven magical Dragonballs are brought together, the dragon Sheng Long will appear and grant a wish to the person responsible. In DragonBall Z, Gokuu disappears into a strange realm and reappears as a super-Saiyajin. There are 4 androids that are trying to kill Gokuu and anyone trying to protect him. Gohan, Gokuu's son, is the only one who can stop these androids from killing Gokuu and destroying the universe.



Fire Emblem [Fantasy, Adventure]
A deposed Prince must lead a small band of loyal retainers to reclaim the throne and save neighboring lands from an evil conqueror.

Fist Of the North Star TV (a.k.a. Hokuto No Ken)

Five Star Stories [SF, Drama, Action]
In the Joker star cluster, there exist knights, called Headliners, who are not exactly human and possess extraordinary strength, speed, and stamina. They form the ruling class generally, fighting great wars in their giant machines called Mortar Heads. Each Mortar Head needs a human pilot and a Fatima-- a female android with real blood flowing through her veins. A top notch story with amazing production values.
[Quote To Watch For: "This road is closed. Find another."]

Fushigi Yuugi (a.k.a. The Mysterious Play) [Fantasy]
Two modern Japanese schoolgirls find themselves drawn into a mysterious ancient Chinese book of mythology, and must act out their roles as characters in the story. The book itself is an incantation and whoever finishes reading it will gain the power to have their wishes granted. This show starts out light, silly and fun; and episode by episode changes, ending up intense, frightening and tragic.

Fushigi Yuugi OVA I [Fantasy]
Less of a sequal; more of a continuation. Episode One ends with the single greatest one-word plot-twist in all of anime, and succeeding episodes twist and turn unmercifully from there. Warning: Major spoilers ... should only be watched after the TV series. (see above)


Gatchaman OAV [SF, Action]
Based on the original series of the same name (parts of which were completely re-edited [spelled c-h-a-n-g-e-d] and released here as Battle of the Planets and G-Force), this 1995 release re-unites Ken and the rest of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman against the evil Galactor and their evil leader Berg Katse. Filled with new powers and weapons, this is a 90's remake of the classic show.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami [Comedy]
Occult investigator Mikami and her perverted (and underpaid) assistant track down and dispose of ghosts.

Giant Robo [Tribute, SF, Adventure, Mystery, Drama]
This show by some of Japan's top modern animators is a tribute to the older "Giant Robot" shows of the 50's and 60's. At first, it appears to be just as simple and over-the-top as the originals. However, the viewer will quickly realize the show contains a surprising amount of depth, and the very sophisticated and mature treatment of the events generates unusual tension as well. Strong back story, very realistic character personalities and conflicts, ethical dilemmas, LOTS of action, lies and deceit, and one traumatized twelve year old boy upon whom the very fate of the world may rest ... This one gets the Video Staff recommendation of "Must See."
[Important Note: The English dubbed version deleted the plot ... no joke!]

Gundam 8th Squadron [SF, Action, Drama]
An optimistic pilot makes his impact on the Jion Empire and one of it's lady officers as they work together to survive, and then must later face each other as enemies. Well done and polished, with the traditional Gundam problem of not knowing which side is right. (see below)

Gundam Movies I, II, III [SF, Action, Drama]
The first three Gundam Movies are compilations of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series that appeared in the late 1970's. They re-tell the story that began the Gundam universe, and show why this show changed the genre of SF mecha shows forever. The animation pales compared to the sophisticated production techniques of today, but the powerful story line immediately enthralls and quickly demonstrates why the show is still so influential.

Gundam Wing [SF, Action, Drama]
A story true to the tradition of the Gundam story, but set in an alternate timeline. In this universe, the colonies are engaged in a secret project, Operation Meteor, to break free from the unjust rule of the Earth Government. The realities of the situation are far more complex than anyone involved realizes. (see above)
[Quote To Watch For: "Hurry up and come kill me, Hiro!"]

Gundam X [SF, Action]
Another Gundam story set in an alternate timeline. In this universe, the war between the Earth Federation and the Colonies has resulted in a devastated landscape, a result of the incredible power of the Mobile Suit Gundam X units. (see above)

Gunsmith Cats [Action]
Rally is a gunsmith, a crack shot, and a bounty hunter.


Hokuto No Ken TV (a.k.a. Fist Of the North Star)
"Bruce-Lee-On-Steroids does Mad Max and The Road Warrior in a mutant-filled wasteland." Filled with debates ranging from Shinto to Buddhist to Hindu (no kidding!), this show is actually much more philosophical than most people give it credit for. (Just watch where you get your subtitles from.)
[Quote To Watch For: "A most cruel and vicious style."]

Hong Kong Movie: Fung Sai Yuk [Marital Arts, Comedy, Action]
A young Jet Li must fight to win the right to marry his lady love by defeating his would be mother-in-law. That's OK, though, as his own mother taught him every thing he knows about fighting! A 4-star funny action adventure, and very recommended.

Hong Kong Movie: Heroic Trio [Marital Arts, Action]
Three of the top female martial artists in the world are super-heroes protecting the word with their crazy hi-jinks.


I Want To Use Magic (a.k.a. Mahou Tsukai Tai, a.k.a. Magic-User's Club) [Comedy, SF, Mecha, Magic, Adventure, Romance]


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [Horror, Action]
A group of Stand Users (psychic manifestations with super powers), attempt to locate and defeat the mysterious Dio to save the life of Joseph Joestar's daughter. But in order to do so, they must figure out the nature of Dio's Stand. See the meanest baddest flashiest-dressed macho men on the planet cower in fear from a possessed canteen. This show includes one of the coolest dogs in anime, the single best poker game in anime, and one of the most interesting showdowns in adventure fiction.


Key, The Metal Idol [SF, Comedy(?)]
Key knows she is a perfectly lifelike robot. In order for Key to become human, she must make 30,000 new friends. Becoming human is Key's only desire, but how does a girl with no emotions (or even the ability to smile) gain 30,000 new friends? Become an Idol Singer, of course.

Kimagure Orange Road Movie: I Want To Return To That Day [Romance, Drama]
The emotional climax of the very popular KOR series, this movie details the resolution of the delicate love triangle which has involved our three main characters: Kyosuke, Madoka, and Hikaru. As Kyosuke and Madoka prepare for graduation from High School and admission to college, the tensions between the three reach a breaking point. This beautiful story stands on its own very well, and is favorite of many staff members.

Kimagure Orange Road 2nd Movie: Shin KOR [SF, Romance, Drama]
Set after the original KOR movie, Kyosuke must travel through time to draw strength from himself to recover from a near fatal accident. A simple mistake sends him to the future instead of the past, and Kyosuke encounters a much changed group of people, including a much older Madoka and Hikaru ...


Legend of Galactic Heroes Movie [Epic SF, Drama, Military]
A space epic on a truly grand scale. In the far future, two very different super-powers, the Empire and the Alliance, have waged a 150 year long war with each other with no resolution. A young, ambitious military prodigy has to prove himself to jealous superiors. But he has a larger plan for the future of his Empire; a plan he's keeping to himself ... Perhaps anime's greatest tale of political and military intrigue, and the human drama that drives it onward.

Legend of Galactic Heroes OAV's [Epic SF, Drama, Military]
Newly raised to the title Count Lowengramm, Reinhard continues his grand ambitions within the Galactic Empire, while Yang Wen-Li attempts to cope with the consequences of incompetent leaders inside the Free Planet Alliance. The show's focus ranges from the galaxy wide space confrontations of these two powers to the human conflicts within each faction. (see above)

Lone Wolf & Cub
A Ronin (masterless Samurai) and his infant son seek to avenge his house and his clan on those who killed them.


Macross, The Movie: Do You Remember Love [SF, Drama, Mecha, Romance]
It just would not be A-Kon if we did not show this one. The movie version of the events of the original Macross television series. This movie re-does many of the sub-plots and contains completely original animation. In a terrifying future, humanity faces possible extinction at the hands of the giant Zentradi. A young fighter pilot must choose between boyish infatuation and maturity as he helps the Space Fortress Macross battle the giant Zentradi, while the hope of all mankind may rest with the translation of an ancient song ...
[Scene To Watch For: "THE" Slap.]

Macross 7 Movie [SF Action]
Attempting to prove once again that singing can save the Universe, this show is set in the far future of the very popular Macross universe. Basara has fun on Snowy planet, and attempts to woo a giant Meltran woman, who just happens to be Mylenes sister ...

Macross Plus Movie [SF, Mecha, Romance, Drama]
The best sequel yet to the original Macross. Incredible production values, a tightly romantic triangle with a deep dark secret, strong characters and detailed conflict! The four original OAV's are combined into one show with an additional 20 minutes of new animation to create a very stunning movie. In 2040 A.D. on the colonial planet of Eden, the development project for the next generation of fighter planes receives its newest pilot, Isamu Dyson, a talented extroverted hotshot. The competition heats up when he discovers that his old rival Guld is the test pilot for the competing project. The arrival of Myung, a mutual ex-girlfriend, adds more tension to the conflict ...

Magic Knights Rayearth [Fantasy, Mecha, Adventure]
Fuu, Hikaru, and Umi are visiting Tokyo tower with their respective high schools, when they are all mysteriously transported to a strange world. They are greeted by Clem, a master magician, who tells the girls that his world is slowly being destroyed by Zagato. The only hope is for the three girls to become Magic Knights and defeat the evil Zagato and his minions. Clamp does Magic and Mecha, shojo style!

Magic-User's Club (a.k.a. Mahou Tsukai Tai, a.k.a. I Want To Use Magic) [Comedy, SF, Mecha, Magic, Adventure, Romance]

Mahou Tsukai Tai (a.k.a. Magic-User's Club, a.k.a. I Want To Use Magic) [Comedy, SF, Mecha, Magic, Adventure, Romance]
One day some alien invaders, a type of high performance robot actually, came from space. But, they didn't really do anything except roam around. They were polite and didn't attack unless provoked. So, the people got used to them and went on with their daily lives. But, eventually, the people wanted to be rid of these "invaders" so five young magicians stood up and tried to fight the invaders with their newly emerging magic skills.

Marmalade Boy [Comedy, Romance, Drama]
One day out of the blue, Miki's parents tell her that they are switching partners with another couple, the Matsuuras. The Matsuuras have a son about the same age as Miki, named Yuu. This story is an emotional roller coaster that follows Miki and Yuu as and after they fall in love with each other. Sounds simple right? Wrong! A sweet, sometimes bittersweet, romantic comedy that has captured the loyalty of many guys and gals alike.

Marmalade Boy Movie [Comedy, Romance, Drama]
This is a prequal to the Marmalade Boy series. Viewed for a change from Yuu's point of view, it follows him as he finds out that his parents are switching partners with Miki's parents. While contemplating the "switch," Yuu notices Miki practicing tennis, and he proceeds to follow her around a while to find what she's like. This story should only be watched after seeing at least the first episode of Marmalade Boy since it explains certain events that happen in the beginning of the show. (see above)

Mighty Space Miners [SF, Action]
A vastly under-rated show concerning the very realistic problems and adventures that are faced in the life of group of Asteroid Miners in space.

Miracle Girls [Drama, SF]
Mikage and Tomomi are twin sisters who are the most opposite two people in the world. They have different tastes in food, clothing, boys, etc. Nevertheless, they each are the others best friend, and they also share many unknown and mysterious powers.

Mysterious Play, The (a.k.a. Fushigi Yuugi) [Fantasy]


Neon Genesis Evangelion (a.k.a. Shin Seiki Evangelion) [SF, Mecha, Drama, Action, Mystery]
A small group of neglected and dysfunctional children are used by a team of scientists in an experimental project which may be the only hope for mankind! In 2000 A.D., the human race was almost extinguished by what history books call the "Second Impact." Fifteen years later, giant mysterious aliens called ANGELS appear, threatening destruction. NERV, the agency responsible for stopping this threat, has created the EVA units: Giant robots which can generate forces strong enough to face the ANGELS themselves. Why can only an EVA combat an ANGEL? Why are all of the pilots 14 years old? What is the mystery behind the Human Enhancement Project? This show highlights the rebirth of Gainax Studios, and is one of the most powerful shows made in years. Be aware that many fans were disatisfied (to put it mildly) by the rather ... abstract ... ending. This disatissfaction was not placated by the movies which follow the TV series and finish out the story.
[Note: Producer Mitsuhisa Ishikawa.]

Ninja Mono [Fantasy, Adventure]
During a coup d'etat, the royal leader gives his infant daughter to his loyal ninja leader, who escapes the ensuing massacre. Years later, the girl is part of a group ready for the "final exams" and graduation as ninjas. Follow our motley group of unique individuals through their "final exam" while being opposed by a group that wishes to kill the princess, if only they can figure out which one she is ...


Ogenki Clinic [Hentai, Comedy]
The humorous adventures of a doctor and his nurse at a sex clinic.

Ojosama Sosama (a.k.a. Debutante Detective Corps) [Comedy, Mystery]

Otaku No Video [Humor, Mock-umentary]
After being pulled into anime fandom, a young man experiences the ups and downs of trying to become the otaku of otakus. The quasi-true story of Studio Gainax, fanboys who make it big when they start their own anime production studio. This show has more in-jokes and references than the rest of anime combined! Test yourself! If you don't wince at least once in painful self-recognition, you're not a true anime fan!


Perfect Blue [Psycho-Thriller]
A J-pop "idol" singer attempts to break into acting, and ends up being stalked by an obsessive fan who considers her career change a betrayal. This one breaks new ground in what an animated movie can do and be, forcing the viewer to constantly reinterpret what they are seeing, so as to determine which of several various character viewpoints the action is being seen from ... and what is true from what is imagined. An instant classic.
[Note: graphic violence and explicit sexual situations]

Poltergeist Report, The (a.k.a. Yuu Yuu Hakeshu)



Revolutionary Girl Utena (a.k.a. Shoujo Kakumei Utena) [Dark, Fantasy, Action]

Romeo's Blue Skies [Adventure, Drama]
Set in the 19th Century Switzerland, young Romeo sells himself into indentured servitude to save his family, and embarks upon an amazing adventure. This show has a very strong Ghibli-style appeal.

Rurounin Kenshin [Comedy, Action, Romance]
The Meiji Restoration brought an end to the Edo period and forever changed Japan. Set in the latter half of 19th Century Japan, the story of a masterless Samurai shows the clash of the new and the old, and demonstrates an unexpectedly realistic analysis of the effects, both good and bad, that this historic period had on the Japanese culture, people and society. This relatively new show is an odds-on-favorite to develop a strong following.


Sabre Marionette J [SF, Comedy, Action]
On the planet of Tesular, everyone is either a pure clone or mongrel clone of one of the 6 male survivors of a starship crash over 300 years ago. On this planet of men only, robotic female "marionettes" are a luxury that poor Otaru cannot afford. However, Otaru accidentally discovers and activates a very strange marionette, (one of the surviving characters from Sabre Marrionette R, but rendered in a more realistic style of animation) one who does not act right at all. She keeps asking questions, and doing things without orders, and getting upset ... If you enjoyed All-Purpose, Cultural, Super Cat-Girl Nuku-Nuku, but wanted to have more of a plot to sink your teeth into, then you will love this show. (see below)

Sabre Marionette R [SF/Fantasy, Comedy, Action]
One of the shows that demonstrates that "Cuteness is a force to be reckoned with." On the planet Tesular, the leader of the country Romana, named Ville, was captured by his son Face, who was trying to usurp the power of Romana from his father. Ville's other son, Junior, stands up to defend his father from his brother and the fight begins. The battle quickly ensues between Face & his deadly SexDolls and Junior & his Sabre Marionettes to determine the fate of Romana.

Sailor Moon [Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure]
Do you really need to know what this one is about? Usagi is given magic powers, to be used to fight evil, by a magical cat, Luna. This show is one of the standards now used to define the Magical Girl shows.

Sailor Moon SS Movie [Fantasy, Action, Comedy]
The Sailor Senchi meet The Pied Piper of Hamlin, and who does he work for but the Seven Lucky Gods! Eastern myth meets western myth in the most sugary-sweet Sailor Moon movie of them all! (see above)

Sanctuary Live Action [Action, Drama]
This movie is a faithful adaptation of the incredible Manga by Sho Fumimura and artist Ryoichi Ikegami. A story of corrupt politicians and organized crime in modern Japan, where two young men who survived the horrors of Cambodia's killing fields set out to change Japan forever!

Shin Seiki Evangelion (a.k.a. Neon Genesis Evangelion) [SF, Mecha, Drama, Action, Mystery]

Shoujo Kakumei Utena (a.k.a. Revolutionary Girl Utena) [Dark, Fantasy, Action]
As a small girl, Utena has a strange meeting of fate with a princely figure, following the deaths of her parents. Now attending an elite academy, a Junior High aged Utena gets drawn into a series of ritual duels for possession of "The Rose Bride," one of the most unique and difficult to classify characters ever in anime. The one who possesses the Bride, it is said, will one day gain access to the magical floating Illusionary Castle and gain "The Power Of Miracles." But, Utena does not accurately remember what really happened to her as a young girl, and some of the Student Council know more than they pretend...
The first anime to ever be owned by the very animators who made it, this experimental series breaks artistic ground with it's visual style and unusual storytelling sense. (Leading to the assessment, "It begins weird, turns bizarre, then turns f_____g weird, then turns f_____g bizarre.") Larry Wall, creater of PERL, calls it, "an unashamedly postmodern anime." Some others have called it merely incomprehensible. And both for the same reason. What the video staff calls it is one of the darkest, most diabolical and intriguing shows it has ever come across.
This show has even been mis-classified as majo shoujo (a "Magical Girl" show) by some who hadn't seen enough yet to understand it. Forget the rose-colored packaging and the so-sweet beginning arc; in this country, this would definitely not be considered material for children. The later portions this show are a mean-spirited and ugly examination of the human spirit ... the heights to which it can climb and the depths to which it can sink. The depiction of evil, it's methods and motivations is more horrifyingly accurate in this show than in any within recent memory, making it a sinister instant classic. And, quite frankly, there has simply never been a show in which the very virtues which make our main character a hero are exactly those which also make her so terribly vulnerable to the villains. And that's hard to watch.
If you have managed not to be spoiled on the ending yet, do yourself a favor and try to avoid finding out anything about it it until you can see all the episodes in order. It will be worth the wait, and you will be glad you had the patience to see it as it was intended to be viewed.
[Note: sexual situations in latter portions of this show may offend some]

Sorcerer Hunters (a.k.a. Bakuretsu Hunter) [Fantasy, Comedy]


Tenchi Movie: Tenchi in Love [SF, Action, Comedy, Romance]
The gang has to travel back in time to stop a galactic criminal from killing Tenchi's parents, or else he will never be born! In the process, Tenchi finally gets to meet his mother. This movie is set within the timeline of the first Tenchi Muyo TV series, and follows after it.

Time Stranger [SF, Drama]
Fleeing from the future, a young man hijacks a school bus full of students on his way to the past. The students become caught up in the fugitive's adventure, as well as the past they now find themselves in.

Tokyo Babylon 1 [Horror]
Meet Sumeragi Subaru, latest head of the clan Sumeragi, Japan's greatest family of exorcists. When Japanese corporations or government agencies cannot deal with problems through conventional channels, his family has always risen to the call. Another wonderful production from Clamp, and part of the background story for their very popular X movie and X/1999 manga. (see below)

Tokyo Babylon 2 [Horror]
Another tale of Subaru, his sister, and the mysterious friend of the family, Seishirou, who is more than he appears to be... (see above)


Ushio & Tora [Comedy, Action, Horror]
Ushio's samurai ancestor trapped a tiger-like demon with a magical spear by impaling it onto a rock. One day Ushio is forced to take the spear out. Now, Tora will try to kill Ushio but the spear controls him. Thus begins a love-hate relationship that some fans have called "Calvin and Psycho-Hobbs." Begins as one of the best laugh-out-loud action shows currently in release, and changes gradually into a more serious action/horror fantasy!


Video Girl Ai [Drama, Romance, Comedy]
A teenage boy, heartbroken over the loss of the girl he loves, rents a video tape from a strange store, which, when played, actually generates a "Video Girl" who comes out of the screen to help poor Youta win the girl of his dreams. But Youta's broken VCR is causing some problems: Ai seems to have lost some of her bosom as well as gained a very mischievous personality. But, that is not the only fault she has developed. She learns a feeling that is forbidden to Video Girls: Love. The character designs are good, and the story is both funny and touching. An A-Kon tradition.
[Note: Producer Mitsuhisa Ishikawa]

Vision of Escaflowne [Fantasy, Adventure, Romance]
A young athlete meets a mysterious man whom she has seen before in her dreams and is taken with him to a mysterious moon where they must fight to defeat evil and win back his kingdom.

Voltage Fighter Goukaizer [Martial Arts, Action, SF]
Near the end of the 20th century, earthquakes destroyed Tokyo. Several years have passed and the computer controlled Tron City has appeared in Tokyo Bay. In the heart of Tron city lies the National education institute Belnarl. One of its students, Isao Kaiza accidentally received the Kaizer stone, which allows him to transform into the powerful Goukaizer. Its now up to him to fight the evil emerging inside Belnarl.



Weathering Continent [Fantasy, Drama]
This subtle and beautiful show begins In Media Res, and slowly explores the characters as they explore a mysterious lost city.
(Best description ever given of this show:  "Part 3 of 5"  ;-p )
[Note: Producer Mitsuhisa Ishikawa]


Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl [Comedy, Drama]
Yawara's grandfather is a six-time national Judo champion and has been training his granddaughter since she was little, in anticipation of Judo being an Olympic sport. However, he doesn't want anyone to find out about her abilities until she is "ready." Yawara, on the other hand, wants to enjoy a typical teenage girl's life. A curious reporter begins to close in on the truth about Yawara and her ability.

Yuu Yuu Hakeshu (a.k.a. The Poltergeist Report) [Action, Comedy, Horror]
You gotta love a show where the main character gets killed in the first episode! Follow the trials of Yusuke Urameshi as he runs a race against time to be resurrected. As a bonus, meet the cutest little Grim Reaper ever conceived of!



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