Tonbo's Anime Rant!

Marked up excerpt from an email I once sent to a friend:

A co-worker recently said to me, "You like japanimation?"

Instead of correcting his vocabulary, I said, "Yes."

He said, "I don't."

Instead of saying, "Who asked you?" I said, "Why?"

He said, "It's violent."

Instead of saying, "Educate yourself," I said, "Like American television?"

He said, "Yeah."

Then I said, "And then ... there's Friends."

And he said, "Well, ... yeah. Okay."

I said, "My favorite anime is about a college student who falls in love with his apartment manager. I've got my Mom hooked on it and I go visit her and we watch it together."

Then he said, "Maybe I just haven't seen the good stuff."

Instead of saying, "Darned right!" I said, "That's easy to do. There's a lot of stupid stuff out there."

I love it when I'm able to keep my cool.

Seriously, there is a lot of useless anime out there. I try to avoid most of that. But for someone who has loved literature his entire life (books, plays, T.V. and movies) it sure is great to find a whole source of literature where I cannot guess ahead of time how it will end. Good anime is more intelligent than anything on T.V. in America. (With the possible exception of Babylon 5, which is the most intelligent show on American T.V.)

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