Sempai!  The Comic Strip!

The mostly true tales of the Sempai Gang!

Hi, I'm Tonbo.

Sempai! The Comic Strip! is the fan project I worked on from October of '99 to June of '00. Inspired by the antics and stories of my circle of anime fan friends, I created this strip to share some of the fun with anyone who was interested in this type of storytelling.

For a long time, I thought about whether to resurrect the strip. Many of my readers emailed me encourageing me to do so. That was kind and I was grateful. I'm glad people enjoyed my work. I think, though, that if I were ever to start it up again, it would be quite different. Sure, there are many great stories left untold about my friends, but the social-networking aspect of 90's otakudom isn't the same today, and I don't think I have the perspective yet to do a strip in past-tense.

Who knows? Maybe when I'm old enough I might be able to start it up again not as a series of contemporary jokes about our quirky hobby, but as a series of sweet and funny tales of how things used to be.

We'll see. For now; enjoy a snapshot of how our subculture of fandom used to be.

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