"Why Don't You Try Me For Real Some Time?"

A Ranma ½ lemon indulgence by Tonbo

     Out in the dojo, they were at it again.
     How it had started, neither one knew.  Why it had started, neither one cared.  All that mattered now was winning ... at any cost.
     So they were at it again.
     "Look, all I'm sayin' is I don't wanna hurt you or nothin'.  Personally, I think you ought'a be glad I'm such a gentleman, 'n treat you as nice as I do."
     "A gentleman?!  You?!  You're nothing but a chauvinist who's too scared to even fight a girl!"
     Maybe that was the mistake, calling him scared.  That was usually all it took to provoke Ranma past common sense or good judgment.
     "Scared?!  Of you?!  That's a laugh!  You couldn't hurt me if I let you!  The only time you ever even manage to touch me is when I'm distracted or feelin' too guilty to defend myself!"
     "That's just the excuse you use so you won't have to admit that I can actually beat you whenever I really want to!  Why don't you try me for real some time?"
     Or maybe that was the mistake.  It was not the first time she'd used that particular line with him.  Ranma knew it was a lie.  Almost every time they practiced, it turned into the "real" thing.  Akane would attack; Ranma would dodge.  Akane would attack harder; Ranma would dodge more flamboyantly.  Finally, Akane would be going all out in her efforts to lay just a single finger on him.  All the while, Ranma would be dodging in ways calculated to taunt her by showing just how easily he avoided her best attacks.  This had been their routine from the very first time they had sparred, even before she had found out he was really a boy.
     Ranma stopped, hearing those words again.  In that moment, somewhere deep inside himself, he crossed a threshold.  He knew he would never be able to make her admit defeat unless he could absolutely prove she had gone all out.  As long as their practices remained nothing more than simple sparring, Akane would always maintain she hadn't really been trying.  His unparalleled ego was now on the line.  He needed to prove to them both that she couldn't stand up to him in a real contest.  He needed her to know it, and he needed her to know that he KNEW she knew it!
     His eyes focused on her.  All unnecessary movement ceased, leaving him poised and balanced, ready for what was about to come.
     Akane recognized his preparation and followed with her own.  Taking the slightest step to the side, she faced him squarely, balanced and braced for his attack.
     Ranma studied his opponent, noticing for the second time that day that she didn't seem to be wearing anything under her gi top.  Sometime after he had moved here, she had begun wearing a white t-shirt beneath it, but he'd seen when she'd first entered the dojo earlier that her skin was exposed today above where her lapels crossed in front.  Looking at her now, an idea came to him.  "Akane, I'm gonna MAKE you fight me.  I'm gonna make you fight me with everything you've got.  I'm gonna make sure we both know I can beat you any time I want, no matter how hard you try."
     "You are so egotistical!  Fine then, how do you think you're going to do that?"
     "You'll see.  I'm warnin' you though, you ain't gonna like it ..."
     "I can take anything you can dish out."
     "Okay, but I ain't gonna hold back, and I ain't gonna be nice."
     "Fine!  That's just what I want.  Do your worst, Ranma!"
     He smiled.  That was all the permission he needed.  "Just remember, you said it."
     Always before when she had beaten him, there had been some measure of doubt in his mind.  The truth was Ranma doubted himself a lot.  That was why he always had to win in any contest.  It was one of the ways he set himself up for so many problems, always having to prove he was better than anyone else.  He didn't have the confidence to simply not care what others thought.  And it was that doubt which disarmed him when faced with Akane's wrath.  The truth was he often wondered if the things she blamed him for somehow really were his fault, and his sense of honor prevented him from properly defending himself unless he was sure he was right.
     This time though, he felt no guilt.  This time, he figured she had it coming.  She'd mouthed off one too many times and she'd called him scared.  But worse that these, she had committed the most unpardonable of sins.  She had refused to acknowledge that he'd beaten her.  He was going to make sure that changed.  At any cost ...
     He launched himself at her, throwing a double-punch to her face with both hands at a speed he knew she would only barely be able to block.  Both her hands came up, crossed in an "X" in front of her face for protection.  At the last instant, though, his hands dropped to her chest, instead, and yanked the lapels of her gi wide apart exposing the white tank top she was wearing underneath.
     She brought her arms down fast, knocking his hands away from her body.  Then she grasped her top and pulled it closed, shouting in disbelief, "What are you DOING?!"
     Ranma took a step back.  "I'm just makin' sure you fight for real this time."
     "You tried to see my chest, you lech!"
     "I just noticed you weren't wearin' a t-shirt, that's all.  I decided to find out if you were wearin' anything at all."
     She couldn't believe what she was hearing.  Sure he was a pervert, hitting on other girls and glomping onto Shampoo in front of her.  And he'd even groped Akane herself before, but never so blatantly.  And he had never admitted it before, either.
     "So the question now is," continued Ranma, his smile becoming more challenging, "if you're wearin' anything under the tank top."
     Startled, Akane stepped back.  Surely he's joking! she thought.  He wouldn't actually grab my chest, would he?  He must be trying to scare me, right?  Faced with an openly hentai Ranma, she just couldn't bring herself to believe that he actually could be what she'd always accused him of being.  She decided instead that he must be bluffing ... trying to make her admit defeat.  That's it, she told herself, he thinks I'll back down because I'm a girl!  He's trying to make me ask him to take it easy on me!  Her anger began to grow, and she fairly yelled at him, "Oh, yeah?  And just how do you think you're going to find that out?"
     "Like this!" he yelled, as he leapt at her.
     She was ready for him this time.  As he came down, she jumped to the side, sweeping with her foot.  Ranma found his feet knocked out from under him.  Since he was too far from Akane to grab at her, he tucked instead, as he landed, and rolled away from her on the floor.  A moment later, he jumped up and spun around, ready to receive the attack he knew must be coming.
     Akane was inches from him and closing in fist-first, her right arm already extending into a punch that would catch him hard in the solar plexus if he didn't move quickly!  Ranma leapt backwards away from her, grabbing her right wrist with his left hand, pulling her along further in the direction she had already been moving.  Since she had been pouring all of her power into the punch, she found herself yanked off-balance and falling forward, as Ranma pulled.  Coming to an abrupt stop, he spun to his right, using that motion to continue projecting her past him with his left hand, her wrist still in his grip, her arm still extended from her punch.  As she fell past him, though, he reached across her body with his right arm to catch her and halt her forward plunge, grasping her left breast firmly in his hand.  At the same time, he brought his other hand around and up, quickly and blatantly checking her back for bra straps.
     She snapped her newly freed right elbow back and connected soundly with the side of his head.  As he staggered away, his hand raised to his temple, she spun around to face him.  "Ow!  That hurt!" he said.  She started toward him, but then stopped, as he dropped into a defensive crouch.  "So how come you're not wearin' a bra, Akane?" he taunted.
     "None of your business, Ranma!" she shouted.  "Just shut up and FIGHT!"
     She lunged toward him, throwing punches as fast as she could.  Ranma backed away, blocking.  As the punches continued, Ranma began occasionally to slip past them, reaching forward toward Akane's breasts, forcing her to parry in return.  He stopped retreating and held his ground, the two trading punch for grope, parry for block.
     Ranma wasn't using his full speed, he was enjoying the fight too much.  In a way, this fight was a microcosm of their whole relationship.  He had enjoyed touching Akane like that, but he wouldn't admit it.  He enjoyed the anticipation of touching her again, but could only express it in an aggressive manner.  He didn't know how to approach Akane, or anyone else for that matter, in a soft or romantic way, so he could only do so as a challenge.  And he was enjoying it.  Quickly, he planned his next move.
     Akane was too angry to be confused; too busy trying to get back at Ranma to ask herself why she didn't just leave.  But even in the middle of the melee, a small part of her mind was free to wonder, Why would he want to touch me like that?  He isn't attracted to me, so why?  Is it possible that he really doesn't think I'm so uncute after all?
     Suddenly, Ranma threw both hands forward at his fullest Amagurken-honed speed and grabbed Akane's breasts.  Instantly, her hands came up to knock his away, leaving her midsection exposed for just a moment.  It was all the time he needed.  "An opening!" he cried, as his hands moved to the real attack.  With a lightning speed few in the world could ever hope to match, he untied her belt.
     That was as far as he got before Akane's fists connected with his face.  He had expected her to once again RE-act instead of ACT.  He had expected her arms to drop to her waist, leaving her upper torso open for his next attack.  Instead, he was blinded, as stars consumed his vision.
     Akane, having learned that modesty would only be used as a weapon against her, ignored her belt, as it began to unwrap from her waist, and pursued Ranma across the floor, as he retreated, taking advantage of his carelessness, while she could.  Throwing punches to keep him off balance, she stepped forward into a stronger position, then spun to her side, kicking him across the dojo.
     Ranma crashed to an abrupt halt against the wall and fell to the floor.  He shook his head and looked up, expecting to see Akane charging in for more.  Instead, he saw her turn around and bend over to pick up her belt.  Getting it off of her had cost him more than he had expected.  He couldn't afford to give her the time to put it back on.  He wasn't prepared to give up the victory of removing it in the first place, and he wasn't sure he'd get a second chance now that she knew what his target was.  He had to stop her!
     The trouble was, he was lying in a heap at least fifteen feet away, and moving way too slow to do anything about it.
     As Akane bent over to pick up her belt, the back of her gi top rode up, exposing her rear, while the fabric of her pants pulled tighter across her bottom, nicely outlining her feminine curves.  "An opening!" Ranma shouted as enthusiastically as he could.
     Akane "Eeeped," as she jumped straight up, grabbing her own rear end with both hands to cover it, dropping her belt in the process.  Then she spun away from the imagined attack, her hands coming around front to defend herself, surprised to see that Ranma was still against the wall, not anywhere near close enough to grope her, as she had thought he was about to do.
     Ranma laughed, as he forced himself to stand.  Staring straight at her, he smiled deliberately.  He was still too far away.  If he didn't keep distracting her, she might be able to get the belt back on before he could reach her.  "You looked really nice bendin' over like that, Akane.  Really smooth!  I didn't see any lines, though.  Are you even wearin' any panties, Akane?"
     Akane gasped at his words.  I looked nice?  He actually said that?  Then she felt foolish.  He always did that!  The only times he ever complimented her was when he was making fun of her or trying to startle her, so he could pull some trick while she was shocked.  Well not this time.  "None of your business Ranma!" she said, dropping lower into a stronger stance.  "You're not going to trick me again!" she continued, completely missing the fact that she was doing exactly what he wanted.
     Ranma's smile was no longer forced.  His words had goaded her into ignoring the belt, wasting the few precious moments she might have been able to use to put it back on.  He was now facing her, and even though he was far away, they both knew he could close the distance before she'd be able to finish tying it.  Moving slowly toward her, he continued speaking.  He had to keep her angry enough that she wouldn't quit and leave.  "I don't think you're wearin' any panties, Akane.  I think you're as naked under your pants as you are under your shirt.  Am I right?"
     "Ha!!  As if I'd tell a pervert like you!  You'll never know what I'm wearing!"
     "Oh, but I think I will," continued Ranma.  "I think I'm gonna come over there and find out for myself."
     Akane's face darkened.  Through clenched teeth, she muttered, "Just try it!"
     "Okay," said Ranma, continuing to advance.  Akane waited until he had closed half the distance, then began to back away, circling to the side rather than allowing herself to be backed against a wall.  Instead of following her, Ranma moved to the belt lying on the floor and picked it up.  "You can have this back when you can take it off of me," he said, beginning to wrap it around his waist.
     Akane stared, as Ranma began to put on her belt!  The humiliation of being groped and undressed by him ... the taunting and the tricks that she had already fallen for ... it was too much!  To have him take her belt as a trophy and treat her like a student, setting a goal for her to reach, putting forward a challenge and judging her ability by whether or not she could achieve it ... it was all just too much to stand!
     She charged him, screaming a battle cry at the top of her lungs!  Startled, Ranma dropped her belt and jumped back. At the speed she was charging, he would end up hurting her if he tried to block.  He didn't want that, so he turned and ran.
     Around and around the dojo they went, Akane throwing punches and shattering wall panels, Ranma moving away, running and dodging instead of blocking, waiting for her to tire.  He made sure he stayed ahead of her, but never too far ahead.  He didn't want her to think she might be able to gain enough time to try for her belt again.
     Eventually, she became frustrated and began to shout at him.  "What are you running for, Ranma?!  What are you scared of?!  Worried about what a weak little girl like me is going to do to you?!  Don't think you can handle me?!  Come back here and fight me!"
     Ranma knew she was tiring when she stopped throwing punches and started throwing words, so he retorted, "Oh, I'll come over there, all right.  I've already 'handled' you once today, and I'm gonna 'handle' you some more before I'm done!"
     "Oh yeah?!  Then, stop running away and try it!" she screamed.
     Even as she was saying it, Ranma made his move.  Leaping into the air, allowing Akane's momentum to carry her past beneath him, he somersaulted backwards above her.  Upside down, as she passed beneath, he reached down from above and grabbed the fabric covering her shoulders.  Coming down behind her, as he finished his back flip, he yanked the fabric off her shoulders, over her arms and down to her hips, the gi top sliding down to settle around her waist, trapping her arms by her sides and fully exposing her tank top clad torso.
     Akane tried to back-kick him, but he had already pulled her against him and she couldn't get any leverage.  He wasn't just holding her arms, he was holding her entire body in this makeshift straight jacket that had been her gi, pressing up against her to limit her mobility.  As she struggled to pull her arms from her sleeves, Ranma grabbed the fabric around her wrists, tightening the material and taking up the slack she needed to get loose.  Without the belt, the only thing holding her top closed around her hips were two small ties inside the folds of her top at either side of her waist.  If she struggled any more, she knew she would tear the fragile ties loose.  She didn't want that, so she decided to relax and wait for an opening.  He couldn't hold her like this all day.  Sooner or later, he would have to let her go.
     As she ceased her struggles, Ranma began finally to realize that he was pressing up against her from behind.  Oh my God!  I'm huggin' Akane!  What do I do? he thought.  Akane was standing still, her body against his own, his body responding in ways he hadn't planned.  A part of his mind began to scold him for his own stupidity.  You idiot, what did you think was gonna happen if you started undressin' her?  He had to do something!  Any second now, she was going to FEEL his reaction, and then he'd REALLY be embarrassed!  He needed to make her either surrender or keep struggling, anything to get them moving again or give him an excuse to let go of her.
     "So, you gonna give up?  You gonna admit once and for all that I'm better than you?  Or are you gonna pretend you just let me undress you without puttin' up a 'real' fight?"
     "Stop fondling me and let go, you pervert!" was all she could think to say.
     It was at this point Ranma noticed that the tank top his fiancee was wearing didn't go all the way down.  Holding her from behind, still pinning her arms, he bent his head down to her side and took a good close look at where her shirt, cut off into a skimpy midriff, exposed her stomach and waist.  Seeing him studying her body, Akane began to blush.  Ranma looked up at her and their eyes met.  Seeing the color of her face made him all the more aware of their position, which in turn made him respond all the more to her presence.  Bending down like he was though, at least THAT part of him was no longer pressing into THAT part of HER.  Still, the blushing was enough that they both knew the mood had changed.
     Akane turned her head away and said, "Will you let go of me?  What if someone comes over from the house and sees us?"
     Ranma stayed where he was, enjoying the view, as he thought it over.  "They won't do that.  They never come out if we've been fightin' too loud.  They never want to get involved in our fights, so they all stay away.  With all the shoutin' and the damage you were doin', we could stay out here all day and they wouldn't come check on us 'till dark."
     Akane looked back down at Ranma.  "So, are you going to hold me like this until dark, then?"
     "Maybe," he responded, more to himself than in answer to her.  "I kind'a like it."  It wasn't until after the words were out of his mouth that he even realized he had said them aloud.
     Akane went numb.  He likes holding me?! she thought.  He said that?!  She didn't know how to respond, except with an even deeper blush.
     Searching frantically for some way to recover from the embarrassment of his admission, Ranma continued with, "Hey Akane, what'cha tryin' to dress so sexy for, anyway?  It's not like you can really pull it off, ya know."
     Pu-chin!  Akane's blush disappeared.  He just had to say it! she thought, her eyes closing, tendrils of smoke beginning to curl up around her ears.
     "Did you know," he continued, "that from down here I can see the bottom of your breas-"
     He got no farther.
     Too bad about those ties, Akane thought, as she ripped them loose.  No longer caring about the condition of her gi top, she tore out of it and pulled herself free, spinning to face Ranma again.
     Ranma's face had been down beside Akane's fist, and he had taken a hit in the eye as she had sprung free of his grasp.  But, as he had staggered back, he had managed at least to retain his grip on Akane's gi top.  Facing her now, he quickly used it to cover his groin.  He already had quite an erection, and now Akane was facing him in just her gi pants and crop-top.  She was barefoot, her hair was disheveled, there was a sheen of sweat glistening all over her exposed skin, her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily.  In that moment, she was everything he could imagine in some wild exotic warrior woman from a fantasy story.
     He took note of several things.  First, that her tank top was too tight for comfort ... his comfort.  Second, that Akane had ... grown ... since he'd first met her.  And third, that there wasn't much difference between a white shirt made wet from rain and a white shirt made wet from sweat.  All in all, he was very glad he had her top.  And not just because he could cover himself with it.
     "All right, Ranma.  You've had your fun.  You've grabbed me and groped me and looked me over like a piece of meat, but that's all over now.  Give Me Back My Top!"
     Ranma smiled.  So, she still had some fight left.  Good.  He was enjoying himself immensely, despite all the pain.  "Guess you're just gonna have to come over here and take it away from me, huh?"
     Akane charged.  Ranma turned and ran.  This was the part he really enjoyed the most.  He liked seeing her angry.  He liked dodging.  But mostly, he liked showing her he COULD dodge, that she couldn't lay a finger on him unless he was distracted.  "What's the matter, Akane?  I thought you said you were gonna try for real this time?  What're ya holdin' back for?"  Akane screamed his name and attacked all the harder!
     Soon it occurred to Ranma that he had no plan.  He didn't know what to do next, and he couldn't just keep dodging forever.  The purpose of this whole thing was to make sure she fought "for real," so she couldn't pretend any longer that she had never gone all out against him, but she didn't have much clothing left, and he hadn't really considered just how far he was prepared to go to prove a point.  He needed a plan.
     With his erection now long gone, Ranma was using Akane's top as a prize, holding it out at arm's length, as he danced away from her, always pulling it out of her reach, as she would grab for it.  Now he ran across the floor and scooped up her belt with his other hand, as he passed over it.  He let her get closer to him as he did this, close enough to almost reach him, then he dropped to the floor in a ball.  Akane tried to leap over him, knowing it was too late to stop or even slow down, but, as she did so, he threw one arm up and snagged her foot, causing her to trip.
     Grabbing her ankles, as she fell to the floor in front of him, he used the belt to tie them together, moving as fast as he ever had in his life.  By the time he was through, she was trying to turn herself over onto her back.  Ranma jumped forward and threw himself onto her, his weight driving her to the floor again, still face-down.  Then, he grabbed her wrists.  Pulling them behind her, he tied them together with her gi top.  When he was finished, he turned her over onto her back.
     Akane was anything but comfortable lying on her own arms, and she couldn't stand that she had allowed Ranma to catch her like this.  It was so humiliating!  She struggled to free herself, twisting and turning, trying to pull her arms free or simply rip through the material that held them.
     Ranma was still lying on top of Akane, holding his upper body off of her with his own arms, his hands on the floor by either side of her head.  He watched, as she struggled, her chest held higher than the rest of her by the presence of her own arms secured behind her, her breasts gainaxing around, as she pulled and twisted her upper body for better leverage.  He was struck dumb by the sheer beauty of it.  She normally dressed so modestly that he had never seen her breasts do that before.  That was really more Shampoo's style.  Or Nabiki's, not that he would ever admit he had noticed.
     But more important than the sight of her struggling was the feel.  He was lying on top of Akane, and although he was holding himself up, his lower body was simply resting on top of her.  Every move she made, as she writhed beneath him, was transmitted into him through his most sensitive part, and that part was now about as big and sensitive as it could get!  It was as close to sex as he had ever come.
     Akane finally felt him through her clothing, his member pressing into her groin.  She froze and stared up at him.  He wasn't looking at her face, he was looking lower.  Looking down at herself as best she could, she realized with dismay that her contortions had caused the edge of her crop-top to rise up onto her breasts, exposing their lower curves to Ranma's view.  From her position, she couldn't be sure just how much of her breasts he could see, or whether the all-important nipple-limit had been reached.  But that didn't really matter.  He could see her, and she could feel him, and it was as close to sex as she had ever come.
     Heat was building in her face ... and elsewhere.  She seemed to be vibrating, a warm pulsing sensation emanating from her lower center and spreading, reaching out to permeate her entire body, weak still, but growing stronger.  She felt ... moist.  She had no idea what to do next.  She never would have chosen to be in this situation, and she wanted it to end, she just wasn't sure exactly HOW she wanted it to end.
     "Ranma ..."
     He looked up from her chest, meeting her eyes.  She could see that he also had no idea what to do.  They stared into each other's souls, their mouths open, their breathing hesitant and deep.
     "Akane ..."
     He swallowed, and she watched his Adam's apple move up and down.  It was funny how masculine that was, funny how things like that suddenly began to occur to her for the first time.  She had never really thought about their differences before, the hair on his arms, the deeper resonance of his voice, the width of his shoulders.  Okay, so maybe she HAD thought about the width of his shoulders before.  Still, ... with him so close to her now, it was as if she had never really seen just what a ... boy ... he was.  She had met him the first time when he was a girl.  She had met him the second time when he was a boy, but they were both nude then, and she was more concerned with him seeing her than with what she could see of him.
     Fine, okay, so maybe she had been a little concerned with ONE part of him that she had gotten to see, but that part had never been pressed against her before, and it had certainly not been as large then as it felt now.  Yes, the feelings in her body were definitely growing stronger, while she, on the other hand, was beginning to feel quite weak!  She couldn't stand the silence any longer.  "Are you going to do something, or are you just going to stay like that?"
     He hesitated, then lowered his face closer to her own.  In a soft voice, he said, "What do you want me to do, Akane?"
     Akane blinked and said, "I-I meant, 'just how long do you intend to lay on top of m-'" and that was as far as she got before stopping.  Somehow, it didn't sound the way she had intended.  It was supposed to be an accusation, but instead had only emphasized the position they were in.  This wasn't going at all the way she had expected!  She was terribly confused.
     "I think I'm gonna take your suggestion," he said.
     "Oh?" she asked, grateful for any chance to say anything, trying hard to ignore the feel of him pressing down on her.  "What suggestion?"
     "I think I'm just gonna hold you like this until dark."
     Akane was stunned.  He can't mean it! she thought, and she began to babble.  "Ranma, what if someone finds us like this?  I mean, what will they think?  Our fathers will force us to get married, Nabiki will want to take pictures, Kasumi will be shocked ... You can't be serious!"
     "Oh, I dunno.  Seems kind'a worth it to me."  And with that, he lowered his body more fully onto her own, repositioning himself more comfortably on top of her, simultaneously bringing their faces — and lips — closer together, while pushing his manhood further into the place where her legs met.
     Akane felt she couldn't handle much more.  She was dizzy from the sensations running through her.  And his movement, the movement of his most private part pressing through the oh-so-inadequate layers of cloth and against her sensitive flesh, was almost more than she could stand.  She closed her eyes, as a small groan escaped her throat.  When she opened them, she found his own eyes only inches away, staring into hers, a sexy smile on his face.  It became clear that he knew what her moan had meant when he purposefully "repositioned" himself on top of her again.
     Though she tried not to respond a second time, the truth was that he was right on her most sensitive spot, and every move he made sent a wave of pleasure washing through her.  Again she moaned, and again he smiled.
     "It's okay, Akane.  I'm used to bein' a girl myself, you know.  I know what I'm doin', and I know how it feels."
     Akane's eyes grew wide.  He was doing it on purpose!  Her mind refused to accept it!  It couldn't be true!  She didn't know what she was supposed to feel, how she was supposed to respond.
     He leaned down fully onto her, his chest against her breasts, his head beside her own, his mouth next to her ear.  "Akane?" he whispered.
     Akane closed her eyes and fought the dizziness.  It was okay if she let the pleasure show on her face for just a moment, he couldn't see her now.  "Yes?" she breathed.
     "Are you wearin' panties, or not?"
     What the ... ?!  Her eyes snapped open!  "What's THAT supposed to mean, Ranma?!" she said.
     He raised up again and looked down at her, his smile no longer quite so sexy, his eyes no longer quite so kind.  "I mean, are you gonna tell me, or am I gonna have to check for myself?  You don't really think this is over, do you?  You still haven't admitted that I beat you."
     Akane went over the edge!  She was bound, but she wasn't helpless!  If he thought he was going to take advantage of her, he was wrong!  If he thought she was just going to lay there and let him do whatever perverted things he wanted to her, then she was going to teach him a lesson.
     She did one sit-up.  The hardest, fastest sit-up she had ever done in her entire life!  The lifting power of her legs pushed him forward and off-balance ... right into her forehead, as it connected with his face!  The force of the blow knocked him up and back, but not quite off.  From her new sitting position, she tried to roll to the side to get out from under him, but he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back.  She tried to bend in the middle, do another sit-up, push him away from her again, but this time he was ready and he was not relaxed.  He forced her down with all his weight and strength, pushing against her upper body with his arms, her lower body with his legs, back onto the floor, onto her back, onto her arms, still bound behind her.
     Again she struggled, screaming her defiance as she had when she had first found herself in this position.  And this time, she almost got loose.  But not quite.  Ranma pressed down against her and held her beneath him, enjoying the struggle, enjoying the sensations and enjoying the tacit permission to touch her in this way.  It fully occurred to him now that if at any time she had simply stopped during their fight and said she quit, said that she didn't want to fight any more, he would have been disarmed.  He couldn't really attack a girl, he knew that for a fact.  Attacking Akane, doing what he WAS doing, would be no different from doing it to a stranger, or, say, to Kasumi, and he knew he could never do such a thing.  The only thing that made it okay now was the fact the she had gone along with it.  At each and every step, for pride, anger or whatever other reason, she had invited his attacks with her own or with her words, even after he had made his intentions clear.
     It was still a contest, still a battle to see who would win.  And she was still participating.
     He held her down and held her close.  As she struggled beneath him, he pressed against her, allowing himself to feel her body move, moving his own body over hers.  If he gave her the chance, he knew she would quickly work her arms free of their bindings.  He knew the knot was not so well made as to hold her for long, and so he held her arms still, preventing her from being able to work herself loose.  Without his own arms to hold himself up, he could only lie on top of her, pressing her down with his full weight, their chests pressed together, their heads side-by-side.  He knew her shoulders must be hurting, but God, it felt good!
     As the struggle continued, his movements became more sexual until she could no longer pretend she didn't know what he was doing.  He was moving against her, rubbing himself against her!  But more than the fact that he was taking his pleasure from her body was the fact that he was giving it in return.  He was pressing his groin to hers, rubbing her breasts with his chest.  He wasn't just holding her arms behind her, he was holding her beneath him, controlling her body with all of his strength, adjusting the contact and friction between them.  And he was doing it very well!  He knew how to hold her, press her, rub her.  She could feel the rising of a new sensation within herself, a sensation that could only lead one place, a place she wasn't prepared to go right now.  So, she stopped moving.
     When she ceased her motion, he lifted himself up to look her in the face.  They were both sweating, partially from the earlier battle, partially from the new one, and partially from the heat of each other's bodies.  Their struggles had caused her top to rise fully, and she could feel his damp shirt against her bare breasts.  He couldn't see them, they were pressed too close for that, but with everything else he was doing to her, she had no illusions about him not knowing exactly what the situation was.
     He rubbed against her again, a little more gently and a little more slowly.  Yes, he knew exactly what he was doing.  Her chin rose and her mouth opened with an "Ahh," as she arched her back, closing her eyes, her hips pressing upward against him, involuntarily responding on their own.  Again he thrust, and again she responded, the two virgins acting out the motions of the sex they had never shared with anyone, not even each other.
     He took his hands off of her arms and moved his forearms up under her head, so she could use them as a pillow to keep her head off the hard wooden floor.  This allowed him both to remove some of his own weight from her arms and to pull her down each time against his own upward motions.  The relief she felt in her shoulders, combined with the increased pressure in her loins pushed her closer to the edge of orgasm, and she found herself moving with him again, pressing herself to him, rubbing her chest against his, hiding her face in his neck as she moaned with pleasure at each thrust, wondering how long they could keep it up.
     Their tempo increased, as their pleasure built, but it could only go so far.  She was too uncomfortable, her body protesting in too many ways.  "Ranma," she whispered.
     He didn't stop, but he did slow down.  "What?" he asked between thrusts.
     "Please stop," she said.  "It hurts."
     The words stabbed into him like a spear, cut through him like a sword.  The pain was unlike anything he'd ever experienced.  He had thought they were sharing the experience.  He had told himself that she wanted it too.  He had known she must be uncomfortable lying on her own arms, but had convinced himself it couldn't be too bad or else she would have said something, and she wouldn't have been responding as she was.  Now he knew; he was hurting her.  In his own selfish pursuit of victory and pleasure, he had caused her pain.
     He never lost an erection so fast in his entire life.
     He flung himself off and away from her, guilt and shame radiating from his face.  "I'm sorry, Akane!  I-I thought you liked it!  I thought it was feelin' good!  I thought it ... I thought you ..."
     She was shocked to see what her words had done to him.  She could see the first sign of moisture in his eyes, the horror of what he thought he had done to her displayed all over his face.  After what they had been doing, she didn't even care that he could now see her breasts.  His concern was too great for her to be self-conscious.  "It's okay, Ranma.  Really!  I'm just sore.  I'm getting raw from where you were rubbing against me."  It felt strange to talk that way, to say those words so casually.  But there was no point in pretending that they both didn't know exactly what they had been doing.  It really was past the point where embarrassment made any sense any more.
     She saw the dismay leave his face, saw the Ranma she knew slowly return.  Gently, he lowered himself down next to her and put his arm under her head again.  "I'm sorry," he said, as he pulled her over onto her side facing him, and leaned his head forward to kiss her for the first time.
     It wasn't the first kiss for either of them, and it wasn't even the first time they had kissed each other, but it was the fist one that counted.  Before, it was always an accident, or one of them wasn't in their right mind.  It was strange that their first kiss should come only after everything else they had been doing, but maybe that's what it took for two people as competitive at they were to let down their guard enough to be so close and so tender with one another.
     As they kissed, he raised his free hand to her breast and grasped it tenderly.  As she opened her mouth to moan her pleasure, he slipped his tongue a little ways between her lips and touched her own with his.  She kissed him back, with both lips and tongue, and he began to massage her breast, caressing it with a deft touch born of personal experience, neither neglecting the nipple nor concentrating too much on it.
     The moans, the kiss, the caress all increased in passion together, and eventually he placed his bare foot between her legs and pressed it through between them.  Her ankles were still tied together, so she had to bend her knees to allow him what he wanted.  Though his erection had quickly returned, and he wanted nothing more than to press it against her again, from his position beside her, he could no longer do so.  Still, he would do what he could.  So, pushing his own leg between hers, he began to rub up between them with his thigh.
     Akane's moans increased in volume, the combination of his mouth and tongue exploring hers, his hand on her breast and his muscular thigh moving against her clitoris bringing her closer to climax.  She pulled her mouth away from his long enough to gasp, "Use your hand."
     Ranma, pleased at everything that was happening, said, "Where?"
     Akane almost shouted at him, "You KNOW where, Ranma!"
     "Yeah," he responded with an evil grin, "but I thought it'd be kind'a fun to make you say it."
     "Ranma, don't tease me," she said breathlessly, "not now!"  And so he kissed her again, withdrawing his leg and moving his hand from her breast to touch her as she had asked, feeling the wetness of the fabric between her legs, fondling her sex through the cloth.  This, too, was something he knew from his own body exactly how to do.  For the first time in his life, he was truly glad to have his curse.
     It was only a minute more before Akane orgasmed, her body convulsing, as waves of pleasure swept over her.  Ranma had been waiting for this.  He had wanted to hold her body against his as she came, wanted to feel her shake in his arms as her control left her, wanted to press himself against her as she writhed beneath him.  Instead, he stared at her in growing horror as a scream of pure ecstasy began to escape from her mouth!
     He pressed against her, all right!  He pressed his mouth to hers in an attempt to stop everyone in the nearby house — no, the entire neighborhood — from realizing this was an entirely new sound coming from the dojo!  When that didn't work, he stopped what he was doing to her with his hand and brought it up to cover her mouth!  Pressing her head between his arm behind and his hand in front, he started whispering as loudly as he could into her ear, "Akane!  Akane!  You gotta stop!  You gotta be more quiet!"
     Slowly, her cries turned to gasps for breath, and he released her.  Amazingly, she seemed to be completely oblivious to what had just happened.  She looked at him dreamily, not noticing the panic in his face, and lazily kissed him on the nose.  "That was wonderful, Ranma.  Thank you."
     Ranma blinked at the girl lying in his arms so calmly.  Then he moved.  Jumping up, he flipped her over onto her front and started trying to untie her.  "We gotta get up!  You can't be like this when-"
     Startled by this sudden break in mood, Akane snapped, "Ranma, what are you DOING?"
     "You were yellin', Akane!  You were screamin' like you wouldn't believe!  Everyone in Nerima must'a heard you!"
     "I did not!  Stop saying things like that!  This is not the time for teasing!"
     And then a third voice rang out, as Kasumi said, "What's going on?  Are you two all right?"
     Two heads, one on the floor, one above, snapped to the side at the same time to stare at the dojo window in terror!  Leaving Akane helpless where she lay, Ranma sprang to the window to look out, desperate to find out where Kasumi was before it was too late!
     He saw her across the yard, just coming out of the house.  Thank God! he thought, she hasn't seen us yet!  Trying hard to be as nonchalant as he could, he waved to her and called out, "Yo, Kasumi.  What's up?"
     "Is everything okay?  I heard Akane yell."
     "Everything's fine.  We were just ...," his mind raced, "... tryin' a new stretch, that's all."
     Kasumi looked across the yard at Ranma, uncertainly.  "Akane?"
     "Yes, Kasumi?" called Akane from her place on the floor.
     "Are you okay?"
     "I'm fine!  I just ... had a little bit of a hard time getting into this position, that's all.  It, uh, kind of, uh, hurt a little.  That's all.  Sorry to have yelled so loud."
     From his vantage point at the window, Ranma could see Kasumi relax.  "Well, don't play too hard," she called back.  "You don't want to overdo it."
     "Okay!" said Akane.
     "Sure thing!" said Ranma.
     And Kasumi turned and went back into the house.
     Both of them let out huge sighs, as they realized the danger was over.  Ranma turned and looked at Akane where she lay on the floor.  Her ankles were still tied together, as were her wrists.  She was lying on her stomach, her hair falling in front of her face, as she looked up at him, her too-small shirt pulled completely up, exposing her breasts, which were now pressed into the floor.  All in all, he had to admit, she looked pretty darned good.
     There was no way she could miss the appraising way he was looking her over, but the mood had been completely shattered.  "So untie me already," she said.
     "Actually," he said, as he walked over to her, "I'm surprised you haven't gotten free by yourself."
     Akane looked sheepish and in a tiny voice said, "I, uh, think that all my moving around tightened the knots.  I can't get loose."
     Ranma sat down on the floor beside his captive lover.  "Well now," he began, "what should I do with you, then?"
     "You should LET ME GO!"
     "SHHHHH!" he said, as he laid down beside her.  "Akane, you can't keep yellin' like that, or Kasumi'll come back!"
     Oh, yeah.  "Sorry," she said.
     Again, he turned her onto her side, only this time he turned her away from him, so that they were lying like spoons, her back to his front.  It wasn't really a good fit, with her arms and gi top still between them, but her head was again resting on his arm, and his free hand was draped over her waist, caressing her stomach.  It was good enough.  Their position also put her hands in front of his groin, and she began stroking his manhood through the material of his pants.  "What about you?" she asked.
     "I think I'm finished," he said.  "That scare at the end kind'a turned me off, you know?"
     "Yeah," she said, somewhat disappointed, "I do."
     Ranma leaned forward and kissed her ear, raising his hand to rub and squeeze her breast again before pulling away from her and rolling her gently onto her stomach.  Then, he sat up and started to work on her bonds.  "Wow, these are tight," he said.  "I think we may have ruined this top, Akane."
     "That's okay," she replied, lying still and relaxed.  "It was worth it."
     "Yeah," he agreed, "now we both know for sure that you really can't beat me, even when you DO fight for real."
     "WHAT?  You stupid jerk!  You get me out of this stupid position right now!  I'll show you who can beat who, you-"
     "Akane?" said Ranma softly.
     Akane stopped her ranting, surprised by the gentleness in his voice.  "Yes?" she asked.
     "Why aren't you wearin' any panties?"
     That did it!  Akane put every ounce of the pure brute strength she was so famous for into one hard pull, and the fabric began to rip.
     Hearing the first sounds of tearing cloth, Ranma threw himself on top of her again, grabbing her arms and pinning them together.  "Akane!  You can't do that!  You'll destroy your top!"
     "I don't care!  I'm going to teach you a lesson, once and for all!"
     "But you can't go back in the house without it!  You gotta wear this top!"
     That stopped her.  He was right, and she knew it.  He felt her relax under him, so he let go of her and sat back up.  Straddling her across her bottom, he began to work on the knots again, saying, "You know, I really enjoyed all of that."
     It took a moment for her to say it, but she had to agree.  "Yeah, me too.  You really do know how to touch me, you pervert.  You just couldn't keep your hands off your female body, could you?"
     "Well what do you expect?  I am a guy, you know.  And when you've got a well-built female body like mine to play around with, who can resist?"
     "Oh, you are so egotistical!"
     "Yeah," he said, grinding his pelvis into her bottom, "but I'm right."
     Finally, the knots came loose, and Ranma got off of her, turning her over and helping her sit up.  Akane flexed her arms, groaning in both pain and pleasure, as the feeling began to return, while Ranma knelt at her feet and began to work on the belt.
     Akane pulled her shirt down to cover herself, then stretched her arms up high, arching her back and causing the front of the tank top to rise up almost enough to expose her breasts again.  As she relaxed, she heard Ranma say, "You can do that again."
     She gave him a wry grin, as she crossed her arms in front of herself, not so much to cover her breasts, although that did happen, as to allow herself to massage her own shoulders and upper arms.  "You wish," she said.
     "Well, yeah," he admitted, pulling the belt free at last.
     Released from her restraints, Akane began to stretch herself to work out all her kinks and pains.  Ranma watched, as she assumed each position, feeling himself stir just from the sight of her.  Finally, she stood, saying, "Show's over Ranma.  Give me my belt.  It's time to go in."
     Ranma hesitated, and then shook his head.  "Not yet.  One last thing.  Lie back down on the floor."
     Even after all they had done, Akane hesitated.  "I thought you said you didn't want ..."
     "I don't.  Well, I do, but not now.  Next time.  Right now I just wanna lie down with you a minute before we go back in."
     Akane thought about teasing him some more, saying something like, "What makes you think there's going to be a 'next time?'" but decided she didn't want to start that after Ranma had said something so nice.  So, she sat down on the floor in front of him and laid back.
     Ranma stepped closer and stood above her, enjoying the view for a moment before lowering himself to lay at her side.  "Turn away from me," he said, and she did.  Then he moved himself against her, offering her his arm yet again for a pillow and pulling himself forward to press against her back.  This time, they fit together nicely.
     "You like this position, don't you?" she asked.
     "Yeah, I guess so.  I can feel all of you this way."
     She could feel his organ pressing into the cleft of her bottom, so she clenched her muscles to squeeze it between her cheeks.  "You just like THIS, don't you?"
     "Yeah," he said, smiling, "and this," as he draped his leg over hers and used the leverage to press harder against her, "and this," as he raised his hand up under her shirt to cup her breast again, "and this," as he lowered his head to kiss her on her neck.
     "Mmmm," she moaned.  "I think I like it too."  She raised her own hand and placed it over his where he was holding her breast.  With his hand inside her shirt and hers outside, she held his where it was, not wanting him ever to let go.
     For a moment, the two simply held onto each other in silence, reveling in their new-found feelings of closeness.  Then Ranma spoke.  "Akane?"
     " ... "
     "What is it, Ranma?"
     "Why aren't you wearin' any underwear?"  He felt her tense up immediately.  Before they could totally lose the mood, he said, "No, I mean really.  I ain't makin' fun of you or nothin'.  I just don't get it."
     He could feel her relax a little, but she didn't speak right away.  She seemed to be thinking about how she wanted to answer.  She moved her hand inside her shirt, placing it directly atop his own.  Then, she began to move his hand around her breast gently in circles, using his palm to touch herself.  "Why?  Do you mind?"
     "You kiddin'?!" he said, giving her breast a squeeze and pulling her closer for a moment.
     There was a moment where she seemed to hesitate.  Then she admitted, "Happosai stole all of my underwear."
     "You're kiddin'!  All of it?!"
     "Yeah, all of it.  I guess the little creep got carried away."
     "He needs to get 'carried away' somewhere ... far away!"
     "I thought you said you didn't mind."
     "Well yeah, but still, he shouldn't ... hey waitaminit!  Don't you mind?!"
     She gave a little laugh, pulling his hand away from her chest so she could look at it.  Examining his palm, his fingers, she said, "Well, I DID ..."  Then she laughed some more, placing his hand back where she had gotten it.
     It was only a small laugh at first, but it was genuine, and it grew until Ranma joined in.  "I guess we gotta thank him now, huh?" he said between chuckles.
     "Ranma!  Don't you dare say a word about this to anyone!"
     "I'm kiddin'!  Geez, Akane.  Don't take everything so serious."
     It took a moment for her to be sure he really had been joking, then she relaxed again.
     Ranma took a moment to rub his face in her hair, enjoying the smell and the feel of it.  Then, he whispered in her ear, "He can keep the underwear, for all I care.  I just want what goes inside it."  And he squeezed her breast again, pressing his pelvis into her backside, as she turned her head as far around as she could to kiss him on the lips.
     They held that position and the kiss for a long moment, then broke away to relax again, as she whispered softly, "I'm all yours."
     And so, they lay that way for as long as they dared, talking and touching, sharing themselves, until the worry of being discovered began to outweigh the joy they felt.  Then, they got up, and Ranma watched, as Akane finished dressing.  When she was done, she stood in front of him and said, "So, how do I look?"
     "Terrible," he answered, smiling.  "Better try not to let anyone see you, until you can take a bath and get changed."
     "Yeah?  Well, it's all your fault," she said, sticking her tongue out at him.
     "Hey!  Don't point that thing at me, unless you plan to use it," he said, moving to the door and opening it.
     "Next time!" she teased coyly, following him out of the dojo.  "And next time, I'll let you try me for real."

-= THE END =-

-= =-


     A special thanks to the fanfic author that I stole the wonderful term, "gainaxing" from.  If I could remember who it was, I would credit them.


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