Something I Hadn't Planned On

A spamfic based on C&C received from the FFML for The Plan, a Ranma ½ fanfic by Tonbo

WARNING: One major spoiler ... should only be read after The Plan.


(Akane, having learned about The Plan, has royally chewed out both of her sisters, and been yelling at Ranma in the Dojo.)

     But he was looking at her again, just like Nabiki and Kasumi ...
     ... and somewhere in Akane's mind, something finally connected ...
     ... and she shut up ...
     ... as the two of them stood facing each other in silence.

-= AND NOW =-

     "So you see, Sis, I don't think I ought to be telling anyone how to do this Plan anymore.  I only just started it myself."
     Nabiki sat at the table with Kasumi, drinking tea.  They had shared with each other their disastrous conversations with Akane, and each felt vindicated to know they weren't the only one who had found it infuriating.
     "But if she's treating you like that, then why do you continue?"
     Nabiki looked uncomfortable.  There were very few people in the world she could talk openly with.  Kasumi was one.  With a conscious effort, she lowered her emotional defenses and confided the truth to her big sister.  "I .. think ... I like Ranma."
     "Oh my," said Kasumi, as the FFML face-faulted.
     "Really?" said Ranma, stepping into the kitchen.  "You mean that?"
     "Ranma!" exclaimed Nabiki, mortified to have been overheard, "I thought you were out in the dojo with Akane."
     "I was.  But then she started yellin' at me again."
     "No she didn't!" cried Lord Archive from the audience.  "She Shut Up!  We saw her!"
     "Yeah," said Ranma, turning so he could look out of the screen and address the viewers directly, "but do you really think, as out of control as she's been this whole fic, that she'd be able to last more than two minutes of Shuttin' Up without goin' crazy?!"
     "Damned straight!" replied Matthew Campbell from the sidelines.
     Other voices were heard yelling, "Give Akane the boot!" and "No, don't do this!"  Still others were chanting the names of their favorite fiancees.
     "Who are all of your friends, Ranma?" asked Kasumi.
     Ranma turned back and knelt in front of Nabiki.  "It's taken me this long to realize who's been patient with me, who's been tryin' to help me.  I can't believe I've been so ... so Stupid."
     "Shut Up now," said Nabiki, leaning toward Ranma and kissing him.
     "Oh, how Nice," said Kasumi.

-= THE END =-

-= =-


     Blame Octavian.


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finished 02/09/98
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