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San Francisco Pics

Actors in this dorama include: Honami Suzuki and Yuji Oda. Original is manga written by Fumi Saimon. The main actor is Yuuji Oda. The main actress is Honami Suzuki. I believe this is most famous Japanese drama in the world. This love story about them. Rika(Honami) is very bright but selfish girl. She loves Kanji (Yuuji) and him too. Because of her characteristic, they will have alot of trouble on their love. Finally, they are...Also Starring Yousuke Eguchi.LABU SUTORRII WA TOTSUZEN NI-"The love story that come suddenly!" by Oda Kazumasa. New kid in town finds love in a spunky coworker, But his old flame gets in the way.

This is a must see classic and made Suzuki Honami a household name in Japan. Big hit in Asia among college kids and 20-somethings. It is a one of a most popular drama. Rika and Kanchi work together. Rika is outgoing type and loves Kanchi from the beginning. Kanchi is always wondering and twisted around by Rika. Rika wants him to love her and Kanchi once loves her but because they are too different they can't live along. Rika is too energetic but in fact she is always lonely.

Starring: Akana Rika-Suzuki Honami, Nagao Kanji-Oda Yuuji, Sekiguchi Satomi-Arimori Narimi, Mikami Kenichi-Eguchi Yousuke, Nagasaki Naoko-Sendou Akiho
Theme Song: Love Story wa Totsuzen Ni (The love story that came suddenly) by Oda Kazumasa.
Network: FUJI TV
Duration: January 1991 through March 18, 1991. 12 episodes + 1 special.
Recommendation: Regarded as one of the best doramas of all time. It stars my favorite acturess Suzuki Honami.

Episodes that I own:

  • Episodes 1-3 (EP)
  • Episodes 3-5 (T-160)
  • Episodes 6-8 (T-160)
  • Episodes 9-11 (T-160)
  • Episodes 12 & Special (T-160)