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Fellowship of the Ring
This is the first movie trading card set. The regular cards are numbered 1-90. There are 10 prism cards, 10 sticker cards, 3 promo cards, and 2 box toppers. There are also autograph cards, signed by different cast members. From what I understand, some autograph cards were only available in different countries (i.e. Boromir in the UK). In the USA, there were "wholesale" boxes (36 packs/box, contained regular, prism, and autograph cards) and "retail" boxes (24 packs/box, contained regular, autograph, and stickers cards).
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Fellowship of the Ring Update
This is an update to the set above. The regular cards are numbered from 91-162, and the last 10 cards are shots from the "Two Towers" movie. Boxes of this set included costume cards which contain a piece of fabric from different characters' costumes. There is only one type of box available, and it has 36 packs.
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Two Towers
This is the base, 1-90 card set for the Two Towers. There was a Retail box (24 packs) and a Hobby box (36 packs), although there wasn't a different in the types of cards you could get like with the Fellowship set. In addition to the regular cards, there are 10 prisms, and a bunch of autographs. From what I understand, you could only get the Haldir autograph if you bought a case (8 Hobby boxes). No images of Gollum, but I assume that's because these cards were made before the CG work was done. Maybe we'll see him in the TT Update set ...
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Two Towers Update
I heard this was coming out in July 2003. Start saving your pennies now.  ^_^
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