Felicia and Aaron's Honeymoon Pics

The Piazza di Republica which was 2 blocks from our hotel
The Colosseum was closed our first attempt
Statue of Athena at Capitoline Plaza
Whole pic of building with HUGE fountains
Trevi fountain by night - it was packed!
St. Peter's Basillica at Vatican City
Our view of the Colosseum from our lunch cafe

Neptune fountain in deMedici private plaza
Covered bridge, Ponte Vechio, lined with silver and goldsmith shops
Felicia standing at gate into Uffizi museum courtyard
View of the Arno river from Ponte Vechio
View of the Arno river (other direction) from Ponte Vechio

St. Mark's Basillica and its huge 3-hour line (we skipped going inside)
Aaron and pigeons - 1 euro's worth of bird seed, countless amount of fun!
Felicia and pigeons
View from the Bridge of Sighs (so-named because this was the last view of Venice criminals had when walking the bridge between the Doge's Palace and the prison)
Pretty flowered terrace on the Grand Canal
The Rialto bridge, less than 50 feet from our hotel
Silly and bored our last night in Venice
Bridge of Sighs as seen from outside of it