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This is somewhat the order they appeared on the show.

looking that way

Name: Yuuki Keisuke
Pronunciation: you-oo-key kay-skeh
Birthday: 1/3
Age: 20
Height: 180cm ~ 5'11"
Blood Type: B
Hair Color: Brown
Seiyuu: Miki Shin'ichirou

Miaka's older brother, Keisuke really cares for his little sister. After Miaka goes back into the book for a second time, it is Keisuke who continues reading the story of Miaka and her seishi. He and his friend Tetsuya go to great lengths to ensure Miaka's well-being in-or-out of the book.

tetsuya looking over the other way!

Name: Kajiwara Tetsuya
Pronunciation: ka-gee-wa-dah tet-sue-yah
Birthday: 9/21
Age: 20
Height: 179cm ~ 5'10"
Blood Type: B
Hair Color: Brown
Seiyuu: Narita Ken

Tetsuya is Keisuke's best friend, they attend college together. Tetsuya becomes involved when he runs into Keisuke at the library. At first he doesn't believe Keisuke's story about his little sister going into a book, but eventually believes and helps in anyway possible. Near the end of the tv series and in the OVAs, Tetsuya voices a fervent wish to enter the book world, he also eventually develops a crush on Yui.

kawaii little Chuei

Name: Sou Chuei
Pronunciation: soh chew-eh
Age: i'd guess no older than 13
Hair Color: Blue (like oniisan's)
Seiyuu: Kamei Yoshiko

Chuei is Tamahome's oldest little brother. While oniisan's away, Chuei is master of the household, taking care of his younger siblings and ailing father. Chuei is the splitting image of a younger Tamahome, and in times of anguish, Miaka has been known to mistake him for Tamahome, much to Chuei's embarrassment.

***SPOILER WARNING*** (for tv eps.25&26)
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Much like the rest of his family, Chuei was killed by an enraged Suboshi, who was taking revenge on the Suzaku seishi for his brother's death. Chuei, being master of the household, bravely tried to protect his younger siblings from the cruel attack by wielding a butcher knife, but Suboshi was too strong for him. poor, poor Chuei...dead before he even had a real chance at life. ;_;

cute, little yurien

Name: Sou Yuiren
Pronunciation: soh your-in
Age: 5
Hair Color: Brown
Seiyuu: Okamura Akemi

The youngest of Tamahome's siblings, and probably the most dear to his heart. Yurien's mother died during childbirth , therefore, it was left up to Tamahome to raise her. Yuiren is very caring and innocent...and very cute. To me, she resembles a young Miaka. Yuiren calls Miaka "oneesan" (older sister) and makes little presents for her.

***SPOILER WARNING*** (for tv eps.25&26)
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Yuiren was killed with the rest of her family by Suboshi exacting revenge for his brother's death. She never knew why she was being killed...so sad.

this *is* shunkei

Name: Sou Shunkei
Pronunciation: soh shun-kay
Age: somewhere between 7 and 8 i'd wager
Hair Color: Brown

To be honest, i don't know that much about Shunkei. Shunkei is one of Tamahome's younger siblings. After rewatching the tv series, i've come to the conclusion that Shunkei is probably older than Yurien, but younger than Gyokulen. He also looks to be very loving to his Oniichan. i don't know, i have to admit that he's listed here for completeness sake. i'll keep my eyes open for any new info on him as well as Gyokulen.

***SPOILER WARNING*** (for tv eps.25&26)
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Needless to say, Shunkei's fate was no different from his other siblings, snuffed out at an early age by a rampaging Suboshi.

smiling little Gyokulen

Name: Sou Gyokulen
Pronunciation: soh gi'yo-ku-lehn
Age: around 9 or 10 i'd guess
Hair Color: Black

Little Gyokulen, i imagine she fits between Chuei and Shunkei in age. Regardless, not much is known about Gyokulen (or Shunkei) as the animators seemed to latch onto Chuei and Yurien without much turning back. Again, i have to admit that Gyokulen is listed here for completeness sake, but i will try to look up some more info on her if i can.

***SPOILER WARNING*** (for tv eps.25&26)
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Like her other sibilngs, Gyokulen died during Suboshi's wrath, so young...

right bastard!...he's a sick, sick man.

Name: unknown, Emperor of Kotou
Hair Color: Dark Brown

This icky guy is the Emperor of Kotou, emperor for at least the last twenty-five years, he keeps Kotou under a military rule led by his Shogun, Nakago. Also left to Nakago is the finding and handling of Seiryuu no Miko and her other Seishi.

***SPOILER WARNING*** (for tv ep.52)
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Okay, as we find out in the last episode, the Emperor of Kotou was single-handedly responsible for the genocidal purging of Nakago's clan, the Hin, 14 years prior. It was during this purge that a *very* young (11 years old) Nakago's seishi powers surfaced upon lashing out at the soldiers raping his mother right in front of him. The force of the blast killed not only the soldiers, but his mother as well. Nakago was then summarily detained to be shown to the Emperor personally. Realizing that Nakago was a Seiryuu Seishi, the Emperor kept Nakago within the impirial grounds and took him in as a type of "play-thing." With this type of childhood, it is easy to see where Nakago's hate of the world developed. And thusly, the pedaphilic Emperor became numero uno on Nak's shit list once he accumulated enough power to destroy the Emperor utterly.

who could that be?<br> it's Koji!  he rocks!

Name: Koji
Pronunciation: koh-gee
Age: 19
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Green?
Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu

Koji! Not enough can be said about Koji...he's Genrou's friend through thick and thin. Koji became leader of the Mt. Leikaku bandits after Tasuki left with Miaka and company. He's also got this *great* habit of answering a door...even when he's the one doing the knocking! Koji is quite awesome and doesn't get nearly enough air time...and it's a fangirl theory out there that Koji and Tasuki's relationship extends a little further than just friendship, if you get my meaning. ^_~ but anyway, it *is* a fangirl belief although Watase-sensei herself has denied it when asked point blank.