Project: A-Kon 2K
Our Guests so far:

Studio Guests
Antarctic Press
Ben Dunn -
Head of Antarctic Press; creator of "Ninja High School", "Gigantor",
layout for "Warrior Nun Areala".

Joe Wight - creator of "Twilight X".

Ted Nomura - creator of "World War II: 1946".

Fred Perry - creator of "GoldDigger".

Also coming:
Joe Dunn, Jochen Weltjens, Nathan Lumm, Lee Duhlig and Doug Dlin.

Radio Comics

Elin Winkler - President, Radio Comix.

Pat Duke - Radio Comix author/artist.

Other artists to be named as we find out more.

Elin Pat
Studio Iron Cat
Steve Bennett - Animator for Urusei Yatsura, Final Yamato, and many other shows.

 Steve getting creamed
NewTek - makers of the Video Toaster, LightWave 3D and other tools that have revolutionized digital animation.

Voice Actresses

Amy Howard - the original voice of Nova from StarBlazers.

Ayunami Rei Amanda Winn-Lee - EVANGELION, Ayanami Rei; BATTLE ANGEL, Gally; GUNSMITH CATS, Rally; BLUESEED, Momiji Fujimiya and Kaede Kunikida; DEVIL HUNTER YOHKO, Yohko Mano; PLASTIC LITTLE, Tita; BURN UP W, Rio; ELLCIA, Crystal; MIGHTY SPACE MINERS, Ushikawa; SUKEBAN DEKA, Saki; SUPER ATRAGON, Annette.

Tiffany Grant - EVANGELION, Asuka Langley Sohryu; PLASTIC LITTLE, Elysse; BLUE SEED, Kome Sawaguchi and Willow; BURN UP! and BURN UP W!, Maki; DARK WARRIOR~ FIRST STRIKE, Rosa; DEVIL HUNTER YOHKO, Chigako; DRAGON HALF, Dug Fin; DRAGON KNIGHT, Queen Neina; ELLCIA, Eira; FIRE EMBLEM, Sister Lena; GALAXY FRAULEIN YUNA and GALAXY FRAULEIN YUNA RETURNS, Mai; GAMERA (Live Action), Dr. Nagamine; GOLDENBOY, Madam President (Episode 1 & 6) Kogure's Girlfriend (Episode 3) and others; GUNSMITH CATS, Becky Farra; GUY~ DOUBLE TARGET, Raina (First Role); KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD: MOVIE, Manami Kasuga and others; MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO, Ryoko and Junpei; POWER DOLLS, Sergeant Phan; POWER DOLLS 2, Millicent; PRINCESS MINERVA, Orlin; SAMURAI SHODOWN, Charlotte; SORCERER HUNTERS, Chocolate; SLAYERS~ THE MOTION PICTURE, Loofah-pad; SOL BIANCA, June; SUPER ATRAGON, Avatar and Young Go; DEVIL HUNTER YOHKO, Chigako Ogawa; and many many more!


Jessica Calvello - BLUE SEED, Yukiko and Miyako; DIRTY PAIR (Original Series), Yuri; CUTEY HONEY, Cutey Honey; DARK WARRIOR, Annie; DRAGON PINK, Mink; KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD: Summer's Beginning & The Movie, Hikaru Hiyama; PRINCESS MINERVA, Minerva; RUIN EXPLORERS, Fam; SLAYERS: THE MOTION PICTURE, Meliroon; THOSE WHO HUNT ELVES, Celcia.


Artists, Authors and Animators
 The Anime Companion
Gilles Poitras - (NEW this year). Gilles is the author of the best selling book The Anime Companion and can speak on a number of topics. He's very well read (and well watched) and a fun speaker to listen to.

Lea Hernandez - Cover Artist for the The Anime Companion. She is also the award-winning creator of the graphic novels CATHEDRAL CHILD and CLOCKWORK ANGELS.

Edward Luena - from Bodo Genki Studios. Ed is known as one of three creator-artists for Sambu Gassho, a bi-monthly alternative 'zine "ranging from dark hard-edged SF to anthropomorphic and manga inspired high adventure."

 The Anime Movie Guide

Helen McCarthy - author of Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation: Films, Themes, Artistry and The Anime Movie Guide, Co-Author of The Erotic Anime Movie Guide

Dr. Susan Napier - Associate Professor/Associate Director, Asian Studies
at the University of Texas, author of
Escape from the Wasteland: Romanticism and Realism in the Fiction of Mishima Yukio and Oe Kenzaburo
and The Fantastic in Modern Japanese Literature: The Subversion of Modernity

 The Fantastic In Modern Japanese Literature
Paul Riddell - Writer and columnist for "Sci-Fi Entertainment" his essays and other writings are featured at the Healing Power of Obnoxiousness
Newton Ewell - Gaming Illustrator artist on TUROK II: SEEDS OF EVIL, STRATOSPHERE, and Cartoon Frolics' TOTEMS comic book!

Other Guests This Year
Idol Hands - Fan Guest of Honor and winner of the Design Contest for the new A-Kon Mascot, Phasset!
Lee W. Madison - Artist responsible for all the cool Badge Art A-Kon has had for the last 11 years, as well as Staff T-Shirt designs.
 Lee Madison
Rodney Caston - host of for fan subtitlers.
 Rodney as bootlegger
Shin Kurokawa - Mysterious Translator-in-chief for AnimEigo.
 Shin Kurokawa
Kobushi Taiko - This popular Taiko drum group will return to A-Kon for another performance at welcoming ceremony this year! Don't miss'em! Taiko Performance

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