(Actually, this is my Cherokee great-grandmother on her wedding day in 1913. You could recognize me by the picture, though.)
Donna Arthur

Title:Mistress of the Night (shift)

It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.
--Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Platform of Choice:

Housepet of Choice:
Cats (note the plural)

2nd choice: a Ball Python (my husband doesn't know what he is missing)

Intelligence, Compassion, Integrity, Honesty, and Humor

Cussin', smokin', people who are always angry, and those with pelts

Internet Pet Peeve:
Bandwidth-wasting, RAM-eating bells and whistles on WWW pages.
Simplicity is a virtue- and loads faster, too!

Favorite Books:
The Deed of Paksenarrion, by Elizabeth Moon,
The Road Less Traveled, by Dr. M. Scott Peck,
the Big Book, and
Theology and Sanity by Frank Sheed.

Favorite Series:
The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan,
The Sword of Truth, by Terry Goodkind,
The War Against the Chtorr, by David Gerrold,
and The Seafort Saga, by David Feintuch.

Favorite Albums:
Lead Me On-- Amy Grant,
Dive-- Sarah Brightman,
Hayagake No Taiko-- Matsuriza,
Gregorian Chant- Hymns & Chants-- Capella Antigua.

Favorite (American) TV: Babylon 5 Our last best hope for good sci-fi!

Favorite (American) Films:
Young Dr. Frankenstein,
The Princess Bride,
the Star Wars movies,
and Braveheart. (tip- my maiden name is "Scott"!)

Favorite Anime:
Maison Ikkoku,
Oh! My Goddess,
and 3X3 Eyes.

Favorite URLs:
can be found at our Bookmark Bonanza

Favorite Food:
Mint-Chocolate anything.

Favorite Beverage:
(decaf non-diet) Dr. Pepper (The National Drink of Texas) and any store-brand version of Mountain Dew.

Reading, Anime, and being with friends.

Biggest word I can correctly use in a sentence:

Living Person I'd Most Like To Have Dinner With:
my husband, Mark.

2nd choice: all my good friends (including Mark)

I am currently working the deep night shift on a Psych ward, keeping an eye on the patients and the paperwork alike.

The Story of My Life...
You are not cleared at that level.

My Most Embarrasing Moment...
is not going to appear on a world-wide web page, thank you very much.

Short Term Goals...
Changing career fields from Psychology to Web design.

Long Term Goals...
Sainthood. But before death, I would like to run a home-based design studio and raise a few children. ;)

Claims To Fame
are better made by others than oneself.

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