Donna's Baby Shower Page

A wishlist for Donna, Mark, and Amy Nicole

  • Big Needs
  • Baby Carriers
  • Books and CD's
  • Registries
  • Shower Date, Time, Directions
  • Big Needs- Expensive items to buy or stock up on.

    Amby "Baby Hammock"

    Infant or Infant-to-Toddler package, in any color.
    Especially good for reflux, which heart-babies are prone to, and active wigglers, which she already is!

    Evenflo Triumph Convertible Carseat

    prefer "Crescendo" pattern just for the name!
    Some kind of carseat is a must-have, and this is the only item here which is also on registry. If you find one outside Target, great!

    GlamourMom Nursing Tank Tops

    I like everything they have-
    Even dresses and a swimsuit!
    Size XL, any color but orange print.

    Slings, Pouches and Baby Carriers

    (several to choose from)

    Baby Space Adjustable Pouch

    Medium size, any color
    includes pocket and toy loop!

    TaylorMade Baby Sling

    Medium size, prefer Black

    Belly to Baby Cotton Twill Baby Pouch

    Medium size, any color

    Gypsy Mama Carrying Cloth

    Blue or Khaki
    The "standard" version includes pocket!

    Mexican Rebozo
    by Luna Offbeat Gear

    One size, any pattern
    There is even a video!

    Zolowear Silk Brocade Sling

    All colors are beautiful!
    This is a fangirl fantasy, and priced accordingly.

    Books & CD's


    Sign with your Baby: Complete Learning Kit

    (book, video, and quick reference guide combination)

    Teaching Your Children Joy

    I got this at the library many years ago and have looked for it ever since. The others by this couple look promising, too.

    So That's What They're for!

    Another library book that I loved- both practical and funny.

    Transitions: Soothing Music for Crying Infants

    "Baby, Husband, Even the Cats Soon Got to Nodding Off"-review

    Transitions 2: Music to Help Baby Sleep

    "The first time I listened to this I fell dead asleep on my couch and woke up an hour later feeling like I had slept all night."-review

    Sing Me to Sleep, Daddy

    "Music to Give Birth By!...
    quiet and calming...truly a must-have for babies and new moms alike."-review

    For those that prefer using a registry:

    I am currently registered through my own Quixtar business, at Babies R Us / Amazon, and at Target.

    There are two showers currently scheduled- the first one for most of our friends will be at Maegan & Tony Brownrigg's house on Saturday, Aug 21 at 2pm. Meri is organizing that one for me. The second is for our quartet and music-related folks, on Sunday, Aug 29 at 2pm. I will post location information as soon as it is available. If you cannot afford a gift, please come share the day with us anyway. Your company and support is more than welcome. We are celebrating!