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These are the music videos that I've created to show to friends and to enter into contests at conventions.

My first music video started out after watching too much Ranma1/2, and reading too much Ranma1/2 fan fiction. I began to notice that Ranma plays up the girl act a little too well...

Series: Ranma1/2
Song/Artist: Dirty Little Mind by Jackyl
File size is 25 Megabytes

My second music video is a more serious one. I really liked how the India theme in the song complemented the Tibeten feel from 3x3 eyes.

Series: 3x3 Eyes
Song/Artist: Taste of India by Aerosmith
File size is 45 Megabytes (link fixed)

My third music video came about after I was given raw footage of the show Tenshi Ni Narumon. (Thanks Kyo!) I liked it so much that I convinced one of the heads of video at AnimeFest to show it unsubbed at the con. When we showed it, people began to wonder what kind of drugs the animators were on when they made it....

Series: Tenshi Ni Narumon
Song/Artist: White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
File size is 39 Megabytes


The first two cuts from A-Ko Does Elastica are now available on their own page.

WAI! Kestral got her music videos up! She works professionally with video editing, so her videos are quite good. ^_^ Kestrel Music Videos

Comming Soon:

-More A-Ko Does Elastica! -Catnip

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